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To minimize disruption, this treatment is often done while the termite damage is being repaired.Termites are destructive wood-eating pests that form colonies and swarm in the spring as they set out to find a new home.

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If you find signs of termites, you can treat the infestation yourself or call local pest control professionals.The whole-structure treatment deals in treating the whole infected structure—both visible and invisible parts—and is much more effective.

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Indoor Pest Control: We start our service with a crack and crevice baseboard spray, fogging your attic.Termite baits consist of paper, cardboard, or other acceptable termite food, combined with a slow-acting substance lethal to termites.Getting an indoor pest inspection is smart to do when buying a home, after not getting pest control treatment for a long period of time, or when you suspect that you have indoor pests.This will kill termites that are already in the ground and will also prevent more termites from burrowing into your house.

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This is because a termite treatment is generally directed into the soil under and around the home, rather than to indoor portions of the house.

The most common termite we work with—about 98% of the time—is the Heterotermes, or desert subterranean termite.

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Dampwood termites infest and nest in wood that has a high moisture content.

In addition to disturbing these animals can also be very dangerous because it will eat wood in your home, ranging from cabinets, doors, beds, to the wooden pillars supporting the roof.The treatment will intercept clover mites and other foundation pests that are trying to get into your home.

Another drywood termite treatment tactic is to seal all cracks and crevices around the foundation of the home.Termite control also utilizes specialized equipment such as masonry drills, pumps, large-capacity tanks, and soil treatment rods.This kit will treat up to 2,625 sq. feet of floors with an additional included can to do the recommended follow up second treatment.

Drywood termite control methods are categorized into two types: whole-structure and localized or spot treatments.Termidor HE is an advanced formulation of the same extremely powerful active ingredient that has made the original Termidor products the most trusted and effective termite treatments.We can take away the mildew on the exterior of the house or the grease and grimes on the drive way. T.V Wall Installtion.

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To protect your home from termites, use a liquid termiticide treatment all around the perimeter of your house.Read on to learn our 10 step treatment program for killing termites naturally and save BIG money doing it yourself.

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Get rid of termites with the best selection of professional-grade DIY termite killing and termite treatment products - bait systems, termite sprays, and more.The use of nematodes (microscopic worms that eat termites) and heat treatment (pump heat into a tented house) are examples of less successful strategies.Soil treatments are intended to control termites for extended periods of time, although they may be breached because of physical disturbance of the treatment zone (landscaping activities, construction, erosion), tree roots growing through the treatment zone and natural degradation of the termiticide, among others.

Controlling termites without harsh chemicals is a multi-step process that involves cultural, physical and insecticidal controls.

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These are the three main termite types to worry about in the U.S. Subterranean. Drywood. Formosan. 5 signs of termite activity: These are the three main termite types to worry about in the U.S. Blisters in wood flooring.

The bait must be good enough to compete with the presence of competing tree roots, stumps, woodpiles and structural wood.By helping clear the forests of dead trees, termites play an essential role in nature.

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